Paul Lehouck

From baker to UX.

Even though becoming a baker was my first ambition, only few pies were baked and instead I filled my schoolbooks with all sorts of elaborate graphic creations. At the age of 18, I did a Masters in product design, which resulted in all sorts of foam shape cutting, post-it sticking design activities. While working my way through various projects, my appreciation for honest, clean and smart pieces of design only grew stronger, but at the same time I increasingly devoted attention to the user perspective and interface of my creations. Finally, it was clear: no pies but UX design, and I decided to move to the Netherlands in order to find out what UX Design was truly all about. There, I was able to apply my designer skills and insights to a series of interesting projects, learning a lot from colleagues with varying backgrounds and cultures, experimenting with interesting tools, and having a lot of fun doing it. Ultimately, I see myself as an all-round creative. I enjoy collaborating with interesting, smart and creative people, no matter what discipline, to create new and exciting systems that move people instead of annoy them.

You can find my resume here

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