UI on 2nd screen

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Research exploring secondary screen UI

Research exploring the possibilities of using mobile touch-screen devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for the control of television sets, considering dual screen usability issues. The concept centres around the dynamics between “laid-back”and “lean-forward” use of a television, and the need to quickly and easily change between these two modes. A concept was developed which uses multi-touch gestures to control the basic “laid-back” functionalities of a television, while still being able to use the tablet for “lean-forward” use. A working Android prototype was built, and tested with a set of users to evaluate the concept. This research resulted in a set of guidelines for future dual screen projects.

An Android prototype was built and tested with users to evaluate the research question. The prototype connected an Android tablet to a media player which was displayed on a television. The prototype allowed browsing through a series of predefined movie descriptions and pushing the movie to the television. While a movie played on the television, the participants were able to manipulate the volume and skip to the next or previous movie with multi-touch swipe gestures.

The final design incorporated the guidelines that resulted from the user tests. One modification to the design after testing with users, was the contrast, brightness and behaviour of the multi-touch swipe gesture overlay.

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