Interactive boardgame

A digital, interactive, yet tangible monopoly game combining the general advantages and versatility of computer controlled games with the original character of traditional board games. The design focusses on keeping the interaction as real and authentic as possible. The console consistes of one compartment that functiones as the box of the board game, containing eight transparent cubes that function as the games dice and pawns. The other part is the main module that projects the whole game environment around itself through a system of interconnected mirrors and a digital projector. People can play the game in the same room, like a traditional board game, but can additionally connect with other consoles located elsewhere.

Spheropoly was my final Bachelor project in product design at Artesis University College of Antwerp, Belgium in 2007.

The whole  interface of the Sphereopoly is projected around the console. The game’s menu circles around the console. Some interface elements, such as the user manual, were kept as close as possible to the traditional monopoly board game by making them appear like physical pages. Physical objects like dice and pawns were used to add tactility to the game’s interactions.

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