Le Cube

Le Cube

Interactive lighting for the break-out area

Le Cube is an element of a versatile lighting platform which transforms a regular table into an ambient, interconnected lighting element for the break-out area. The applications which can be downloaded on Le Cube make it possible to change the atmosphere of the room instantly, enabling people in the room to relax, get away, get inspired or connect with others. Users can interact with the applications by touching the surface of Le Cube: By holding down the central button you activate or deactivate the device and by pressing the same button quickly you switch to the next app. Developers can also easily make their own apps for Le Cube. This project was a collaboration between Duy Lee, Rinze Leenheer, Tanya Zavialova, Sasha Pozdnjakova and me at the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands in 2011. My contribution to the project related to analysis, concept development, user testing and prototyping

After researching the requirements for break-out area lighting, the team started some explorative tests on how lights could be used to create certain desirable atmospheres in the break-out area. Daily brainstorming sessions were followed by constructing rough prototypes to evaluate the resulting ideas. Some of the tested ideas include projecting atmospheres such as fireplaces, sunsets and nature landscapes on walls, creating interactive games projected on walls and furniture, and creating a way of communicating through light with other break-out areas.

After deciding on the final design, the team created a hi-fi prototype of the interactive Le cube. The prototype was constructed out of a MDF core component, covered with a RGB LED grid and touch sensors, and a semi transparent perspex cover which diffused the LED grid into a single variable light source. A button in the centre of the table was used to power on and off Le cube and switch between apps.

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